How to jump start improvements in your Organization?

As Leaders in your organization, we understand your pressure to pursue improvements under a timeline. We welcome a complimentary discussion with us to determine the optimal approach to help accelerate your pursuits for improving performance or customer experience by

  • engaging our expertise directly to identify & prioritize areas of focus to accelerate improvements or
  • provide Training & Project Coaching to your team members or
  • a balanced combination of these options

What is Lean Six Sigma?

A combination of Lean & Six Sigma methodologies developed to improve Performance in every area of an organization. For business leaders this means delivering high value effectively and efficiently.

Key Benefits of Lean Six Sigma?

Helps improve Bottom line & Top line performance, Team Morale, Customer Experience.

Why pursue Lean Six Sigma?

Competition, Rising Costs, Lower Budgets, and challenges are at the forefront of all leaders at every level of an Organization. Do more with less is a norm. So how do you stretch every dollar in your budget to accomplish. From companies large and small, from federal to city governments, from for profit to non-profit

What can one learn by attending a Lean Six Sigma Workshop?

  • Learn proven methods and tools used successfully by high performers
  • Learn Lean Six Sigma Methods & Tools
  • Learn to focus on Value and Experience of Customers, Staff & Leaders
  • Learn to look at the big picture, setting priorities and succeeding
  • Learn how to get started on a journey to improve your services, performance, & team for your customers or citizens
  • Meet instructor and have an ongoing coach to provide guidance, brainstorm, provide insights & solutions