2 - Online Test Orientation

Competency-based test is conducted by AIM Certification Committee to evaluate proficiency of an individual’s knowledge and understanding. User-friendly Online Testing enables individuals to take the test online, at their own pace, at a convenient time, with their own device, regardless of where they live.

About this Online Test:

  • Includes online testing and certification only
  • No study materials or training are provided
  • This is a multiple-choice test
  • Choose the best answer for each question
  • You can go back and change your answers
  • Tests should be taken in a single session, highly recommended
  • If you close your browser or test window during your test, responses are not saved

Test Duration and Attempts:

  • Duration: No limit (typically this test takes 60 minutes or less)
  • Number of test attempts allowed: No limit and no penalties for multiple attempts
  • Test Availability: within 12 months of purchase

Results: At the end of the test, you will receive your result.

  • Passing Score requirement: 70% and above
  • If you get above the passing grade - Press Complete & Continue at Top Right of the Screen
  • If you do not get the passing grade - Press the Retake Exam button at the bottom of the screen
  • Once you get passing grade, you will be sent the Official Professional Certificate by mail


  • Meeting passing score requirements enables you to receive a Professional Certificate
  • Certification verification service is provided by our Registrar services
  • All certificates have unique serial number
  • Score is not reported on Certificate

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